Our owner has ten years experience as a conductor and driver. And also he was working as a manager in Tamilnadu's leading transport company. Our buses are maintained under the owner's supervision. Our staffs are having minimum ten years of experience in relevant field. Our owner makes a journey every month for the purpose of finding problems in bus.

Bus maintenance

  Buses are clean well everyday

  Buses are cleaned using detail, phenol, surf

  Battery, engine oil and tire pressure checked by our staff every day

  Our drivers having a heartbeat, before first drive in a day, they are praying god for a good journey

  A/C and brakes are checked everyday mattress cover has to be changed everyday

Speciality of our buses

  Indias no. 1 Body

  2+2 Push back sheet

  Air suspension wheels

  Our buses are spacious

  We are using tubeless tires in our bus. So there is no chance of puncture

  Our maximum speed is 70km/Hr. So safe journey